This has been the craziest year for everyone. Have made a lot of self-improvement plans but all down the drain. Today i started feeling after a long time what am i doing with my life . I have to become a better version of myself .

I am trying to…

Last year around this year i came across Max Deutsch challenges . I tried doing that but failed miserably as i was able to do it for only 4 months and then amazon happened and it was put on a pause . So learning from the mistakes this year i…

Sequential vs Parallel Computing

Sequential computing

  • Series are instructions are performed in a sequential fashion
  • One instruction is performed after the other

Parallel Computing

  • Series of instruction are performed in parallel to one another
  • Mostly faster
  • Difficult to implement and processes needs to coordinate with one another

Flynn’s taxonomy

The crux of parallel processing are CPUs…

According to W3C Web service is

A web service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine-processable format (specifically WSDL). …

Day 9

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Day 10

  1. [My Solution :]
  2. [My Solution :]

Day 11

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  2. [My Solution :]

Day 14

  1.[My Solution :]
  2. [My Solution : ]

Day 17

  1.[My Solution :]
  2. [My Solution :]
  3. [My Solution:]

Day 20

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Month to mastery. challenge March

  • Finish data intensive applications
  • Try to attempt a design interview every 3 days
  • Solve 1 Leetcode hard question everyday

Day 11

Read chapter 2 of data intensive applications half of it

Design a web crawler start

Disclaimer: In the writing of this article, we have used grokking for the twitter search design, and this is a very very basic design and could be improvised.


  • Let us assume that Twitter has 1.5 billion total users, with 800 million daily active users.
  • On average, Twitter gets 500 million…

Month to mastery challenge February edition . Half of this month is already over let’s see if we can complete this month challenge or not

Things I wish to work upon in this month .

  1. Start walking 10,000 steps each day spill from last months challenge
  2. Stop eating from outside as home cook food is the best .
  3. Solve 2 leetcode questions per day to improve on my data structure and algorithm skills as I am not there where I want to be
  4. Give at least one talk this month
  5. Complete head space course
  6. Talk to at least one new person every day

I have been feeling dissatisfied with my job and the current version of myself, which has led to more insecurity and daydreaming tendencies .

I always had a dream to go and work for Google, and I believe anything less than that is unacceptable. I have been interviewing with them…

Tannishk sharma

A person trying to do things his own way

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